Today is a HUGE day for me. I am so nervous, and I am second guessing myself. I keep thinking that a homeschooling (yes, we decided to make the leap and homeschool again!) mother of two who still doesn't have all the Christmas decor taken down should not be going back to school two nights a week! But that is exactly what I am doing.

Tonight I will drive onto a college campus for the first time in 9 years and find my way to classroom VON224 to join with other photographer wannabes in the class Photography 1. I have butterflies in my stomach and a fog in my head. I keep going through my checklist of books and equipment to make sure that I don't forget anything.

I just know that I will be the only 30 something in the class. I think I am even older than the teacher. Ha! I'm also thinking that all the young whipper snappers will have taken photography in High School, so they will all know more than I do.

I hope I am exaggerating!

I know it's all going to be fine, that I'm going to be ok. This is a great decision. One that is going to better prepare me for assisting in the future. And speaking of rojo...I will probably be the only student who has such a great tutor waiting for me at home. Nice!

Ok. My nerves are settling, and my confidence is rising. Now off to tackle my to do list for the day, so I will feel like I have it together when I leave for class tonight.

I might need to shorten my list...

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  1. That is so awesome girl. You will rock their socks off! Cmn

  2. So proud of you!! I know you will be successful. How nice to have such a marvelous tutor on hand. Love you, lady!!

  3. Anonymous

    You can do it girl...when I saw you were going back to school I told Josh a feel so connect to Cheyenne we seem to be on similar paths. I started the enrollment process last week to go back to school and I'm freaking out. I thought of putting Mikey in school in September, but he is doing so well and the statistics say that 90% of homeschooled kids go on to college so I'm torn. Though I feel like you a bit overwhelmed I keep telling myself to take it one class at a time. I'll be praying for you and your precious family. Its nice to know someone else is giving it a go with a full plate :).
    Lots of love and prayers,
    Rebecca Brito-Bayne

  4. Can't wait to see your beautiful photos.

  5. that's wonderful Cheyenne! I hope it goes great!!!