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A huge part of my parenting style is incorporating children’s books into our everyday life. There are so many amazing books that tackle any topic that you may be interested in. Every milestone, every question, every life event, there is a children’s book to help you out and they all do a much better job of explaining it than I ever could.

My children connect with and absorb everything that is written on a page or read aloud to them, and often times if Mom says it, they are not interested or too embarrassed to listen if the topic is less then comfortable to talk about.

I value books, not because I am an academic or a teacher or particularly smart, but because they make me a better parent and make what is a very difficult job, just a little easier.

I will always share with you books we love, either they entertained us, taught us or helped us through something tough. Look for the tag Children’s Books for my latest recommendations.


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