Kids Home? Fun Activities To Keep Them Busy

By now I am sure we have all heard the news that schools in Ontario are closed indefinitely. It seems like this is going to be our new norm. If I am being honest, my life has not changed too much since all this began. As a stay at home mom, basically my only outings were to the grocery store anyways. (Sad, I know. lol.) But because of this, I am pretty adept at keeping my kids entertained at home. 

Between my routine cards and my endless bag of activities, I rarely hear the familiar mantra, “Mom, I’m boooored” (I mean, I still hear it, I’m pretty sure it is a requirement of the role of child to say this to your parent at least once a week, but I do my best to keep it to a minimum.) If you are struggling and looking for some fun things to keep your kids busy while you get stuff done, here are a few fun activities that everyone will enjoy. 

I am a sucker for a good theme, so the theme for today’s activities is… Spring! The weather is starting to turn a little more enjoyable, so my activities are in tribute to this lovely time of year.  Between the good weather, getting outside a bit and these fun things to do, hopefully, you will find this time at home enjoyable with your kids! 

Colouring & Painting Activities

Birds in the treetops
Colour in the birds in the treetops, and the nest full of hungry baby birds




Download Birds In the

Tree Tops Colouring Page


Birds to fingerprint
Your kids can get hands-on and use their fingertips to paint the birds into these trees.



Download Birds To Fingerprint Painting Activity







Download Bird Puzzle



Websites To Visit

Some links for you to visit! Your kids can discover amazing facts about baby birds, watch a mother hummingbird build her nest and take a quiz to find out which bird they are.

Learn All About Baby Birds! -Watch The Video

A Mommy Hummingbird Builds Her Nest – Watch The Video

What Kind Of Bird Are You? – Take The Quiz

These activities are shared from the Usborne books below with permission. Enjoy these activities with your littles and make the most of this extra time together. I know it can be frustrating to have to slow down when you have an endless list of things to get done and a million worries on your mind, try to embrace it and live in the moment, you may find yourself having a bit of fun and forget for a moment the anxiety and the worry.

Thinking of you all during this weird, messed up time in history. Hope you enjoy these fun activities!

Activities Found In These Great Books

first colouring book garden
nature activity book
jigsaw and book the garden
OPEN GALLERYFirst Colouring Book Garden

Nature Activity Book

The Garden Book & Jigsaw



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Kids Home? Fun Activities To Keep Them Busy