Usborne Sticker Books – Our Picks And Why We Love Them!

Our little fingers have recently learned how to peel stickers off of one page and place them on another page (or toy, or book, or Mom’s coffee table.) We are pretty proud of ourselves.

And Mommy is pretty proud of us too.

When you have a baby, you buy all kinds of things, you think they will need and soon realize they don’t actually need any of it. Toys they are not able to play with, clothes they won’t fit in for months, and activity books that are way beyond there developmental stage – but we do it because that is what we do. Our baby needs ALL the things.

I was no different. When I was pregnant, my family had an Usborne Baby Shower for me, it was amazing. I was able to start building my kids’ home library with beautiful children’s books and I got ridiculous amounts of Usborne sticker books. A tool we have only really just begun to use – 3 years later.

The hidden benefit of stickers

Little First StickersSlime, kinetic sand, silly putty…stickers. Sometimes we look at these toys and all we see are the inevitable mess that will happen. Slime getting stuck in the vacuum, kinetic sand ground in the carpet fibers, silly putty stuck to the bum of my toddler’s track pants, (ugh) and the stickers that end up stuck to dressers, fridges, tables and really any hard surface will do.

But before you ban stickers from your kid’s toy box, (lol, as if they would ever allow that) consider these 4 hidden benefits that stickers have.

4 reasons stickers are a great learning tool

1. Stickers promote creative thinking, reasoning, and understanding.

Through matching and association, stickers can lend a helping hand in the development of these skills. Experts say that matching and sorting skills are probably more important in preschool years than counting skills! Developing this skill helps their little minds bring order to the chaos and allows them to feel more independent and in control.

2. Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Peeling the sticker off and placing it in a certain spot on the page helps to develop fine motor skills and also hand-eye coordination. This often leads to a child who has an easier time learning to write or draw.

3. Promote independence and confidence.

Sticker books can tap into specific areas of interest and gives you insight into what drives and excites your little one. Kids need to learn to find things that interest them and to have the opportunity to spend time on the things they like – stickers are a first step to discovering passions.

4. Not just fun, also informative

Usborne sticker books and activity books are not only fun but where applicable they are also historically accurate and informative.

Reusable stickersLittle First Stickers Dinosaurs

The most frustrating part about stickers, for both tots and mom, is that once they are stuck they are stuck. This is why we absolutely love Usborne’s Little First Sticker Books.

Are you ready for this? They have…reusable stickers! We can stick, peel and restick as many times as we want! (within reason, they don’t last forever, ever, but with boys nothing does.) Here are a few of our all-time favourites we’d like to share with you!

Little First Stickers (reusable stickers)


Before this book, pirates were not even on our radar. Now we are obsessed.


If you know me, you know I love animals and I have passed that love on down to my boys. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats. (yikes, I know) and they still can’t get enough. They love to play with their sticker pets as well and pick up these Usborne sticker books over and over. (Did I mention the stickers, are reusable? Well, I think it is worth mentioning again!)


Because dinosaurs…enough said.

Our favourite ‘First Sticker’ books

First Sticker Books

These stickers are not reusable, so better suited for a teeny bit older. If you are just getting started with stickers or have a child that is easily frustrated I would say go with the Little First Stickers series.


Our favourite movie and our favourite sticker book. My boys are typical boys and love anything with wheels. Tristan is always the red car and Kai is always the blue car. 😂

Big Machines

Because no matter how many times mom tells them “good things come in small packages”, in their minds the bigger the better, and what is better than great big vehicles and machines? Not much.

First Sticker Books Big Machines


I am not totally sure why this is on our list of favourites, if a bug even comes near us we lose our minds. But nevertheless, they love this one. I guess the delightful illustrations make the bugs much more bearable.

First Sticker Book Bugs

And that’s why we love ’em!

My First Sticker Books and Little First Sticker Books are the perfect place to begin exploring and discovering passions, develop essential skills and a great way to have fun too! We love them and find it a great way to be creative without making too much of a mess. It is something Tristan and Kai can do together now that Kai has mastered his fingers and they really enjoy creating the story that go along with the pictures together.

My boys’ interests are decidedly very boyish for lack of a better word, if your kiddos have different interests, I can pretty much guarantee you can find Usborne sticker books that they are going to love.

Every month Usborne Books at Home Canada gives away $100 in free children’s books. Enter with All the Books and they will automatically enter you every month for a chance to win! One less thing for us to do.

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  • Elroy
    February 15, 2020

    reminds me of my sticker days,my favourites were motor bikes and cars,i do understand how your boys feel.Its was one of the greatest phase of my life,pity i had to grow up:(.

    • Charlotte
      February 15, 2020

      Hey, the joy of being a grown up is you can do whatever you want! You want to play with stickers, I say go for it! 🙂 thanks for your comment.

  • Sharon
    February 15, 2020

    Never would have thought of such a simple concept of sticker books offering such benefit and stimulation of the mind of a child!
    If only they came out with more sticker books for adults, why do kids get to have all the fun?

    • Charlotte
      February 15, 2020

      Hmm, you may be on to something Sharon! They have adult colouring books, why not adult sticker books! 😂 thank you for commenting.

  • Douglas Luisier
    February 15, 2020

    Well dang it, I wish I had these ten years ago. I mean all of the stickers that I have taken off of the walls and tables and even floors. I never thought that you could find reusable stickers like these and then so many books that have them as well. These books look awesome and if I do have another child will keep them in mind. Also will keep them for my nieces and nephews two here and one on the way. Thank you for the awesome site and don’t worry about the messes the kids leave. Enjoy the day and thank you again.

    • Charlotte
      February 15, 2020

      Thank you, Douglas! I appreciate your comment and I hope you have a good day as well!

  • michael beaver
    February 15, 2020

    these are awesome and so is your website my grandkids would love these my granddaughter will be here today going to have to show her these you have done an awsome job

    • Charlotte
      February 15, 2020

      Thank you so much Michael! Glad I could share something new with you. Appreciate your comment.

  • ty Chan
    February 16, 2020

    The stickers yo u recommend here are so cute. My nieces love playing stickers and they stick everywhere in the sitting room. I have never known that stickers can bring so many benefits to children.
    I will share this article with my sister-in-law.

    • Charlotte
      February 16, 2020

      I am very glad you found some benefit from the article! Thanks for commenting, your nieces will love them!

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